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Dwindling Heights is a dangerous place for a little Mouse



When confronted by deadly enemies twice your size, guile and nimbleness are your only allies. Talk to the denizens of Dwindling Heights, make allies of your enemies, and leave no stone unturned in your quest to find Merra.
Swipe horizontally to scroll.


Minstrel, husband, father... and now prisoner, Tilo is determined to escape the jails of Dwindling Heights and find his love, Merra. Though like all Mice he's sure-footed and sneaky, kindness is Tilo's greatest strength.


Captured when his galleon ran aground at Dwindling Heights, Kerold's red whiskers turned white long ago. The old frog is has no love for Mice, but Tilo will need Kerold's help if he's to ever find his true love, Merra...


Silas is an experienced soldier, and a member of the Rat Guard at Dwindling Heights. Taciturn, watchful, and with a wry sense of humour, Silas might be Tilo's best chance at escape, or the greatest threat to his survival...

Gusto & Fatale

Tilo's fellow prisoners in Dwindling Heights--two thieves just waiting for the right opportunity to escape. Perhaps Tilo can convince Gusto and Fatale to let him join them in their break for freedom...


With little time for small talk and a dry sense of humour, Rolo is the keep's resident blacksmith. The smithy has no love for the Red Paw, and might well help Tilo in his bid to escape... if the price is right.


The Magpies of Myhglar are keepers of the truth. It's Ravik's duty to observe and record the mundane lives of the ‘low creatures’. Tilo's tale is the first in years to pique her curiosity, rather than her appetite...


Ouma Rezzia is Dwindling Heights' cook--warm, welcoming, and a second mother to the keep's guards. She has no reason to help an escaped Mouse prisoner, but Tilo has no choice but to try and win her trust...


Faustus is a physician, sentenced to Dwindling Heights for some past indiscretion. Arrogant and aloof, Faustus has no reason to help Tilo in his quest for freedom. He does, however, need a new assistant...

Farrow & Tamlin

Arrested early one morning and charged with acts of sedition against the Red Paw, Tam and Farrow are rebels, fighting to free Muridea from the Red Paw... and they have information that might help Tilo find his love, Merra.


Legendary warrior of the War of the Green Flame. Though Duinlan died a millennium ago, his spirit is said to still haunt the keep built in his name, waiting for any creature fool enough to disturb his rest...


Gartik is the Garrison Commander at Dwindling Heights. From noble stock and highly educated, the Commander shares Tilo's love for music. The fact that his songs are terrible is another matter entirely...